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PRS is a top-of-the-line registry service that ensures quality in your Cancer Program by integrating four key elements…

  • Cancer Information
  • Regulatory Standards
  • Database Management
  • Professional Staff
We partner with you to become an extension of your organization.

Our expertise includes 1 of only 29 CoC trained consultants.  Our CoC Accreditation experience and consulting engagements are guided by experienced personnel who understand all the components necessary for a successful cancer program.

Accredited or non-accredited programs benefit from PRS’ tenure with the entire survey process.  Ensure your processes and procedures are correct through our proven review process.


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Contact PRS today to learn more about preparing your Cancer Program for compliance, defining changes that need to be in place for good results upon review, or to discuss outsourcing of your cancer registry program.


Does your registry
service stand out?
Will you be in compliance with the current changes that will impact your ACoS-CoC Cancer Program Accreditation?

Is your cancer data reporting in compliance with ACoS-CoC and your state requirements?

Will your cancer program be ready for your next CoC Accreditation Survey?

Does your patient care measure up against other facilities, locally or nationally?
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