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Cancer Registry Outsourcing
Secure the optimal benefit for quality patient care and increased opportunity for cost savings by including outsourcing as a primary strategy for success in the increasingly complex world of cancer registries. ProRegistry Services offers three distinct areas of outsourcing which represent complete management of the Cancer Program or assistance in one focused area. The goals you strive to accomplish become our shared mission as we partner to develop a quality program that complements your patient care. Your vision and our highly skilled personnel and resources come together to achieve that outcome.
From the on set, we work to develop a premier program to incorporate the best practices in gathering patient information, implementing state-of-the-art technology, understanding regulatory compliance and managing highly professional, well-trained certified personnel. In using our methods and processes, we guarantee that your program is on track for your next CoC Survey by optimizing results and meeting your organizational goals.
Oversight of Daily operations, Data reporting, and Registry Q/A are all done by experienced, certified registry personnel that know how to execute these functions and coordinate all activities in an efficient and timely manner. Our decades of CoC Accreditation experience and consulting ensure that your registry is being supported by experienced personnel that know what is essential for a quality program.
Data collection accuracy and quality are essential components of good abstracting. Our experience with hospital systems and registry databases allows you to feel confident that your data will reflect current requirements for collection and quickly incorporate changes to coding and/or reporting requirements.
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Training & Staff
Professional management of the Cancer Registry can only be accomplished if certified, well-trained personnel ... >> Read More
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